Afternoon Spaghetti 1.0 Free Download

Afternoon Spaghetti is a free game that takes only a few minutes to complete. You visit the house of a strange and friendly entity making himself lunch, and when approached, he asks for your help. Travel through his house to his fridge and fetch the cheese located in an entirely different place. Get afternoon spaghetti free download.

Afternoon Spaghetti uses simplified and cartoonish graphics to bring its small interdimensional world together.The main character you encounter is avantgarde and peculiar, making no sense at all when you first see it. This same style and out-of-place sensation carry throughout the house’s rooms and the bizarre outside world.

 Afternoon Spaghetti is a small game and, as such, requires a small number of system resources to run. You can also play the title on almost any operating system, including Linux, macos, and Windows 7 and up. The game loads fast and has no issues when running.

Afternoon Spaghetti

Afternoon Spaghetti Features and Highlights

  • Interdimensional fridge
  • Short gameplay
  • Easily understood controls
  • Low system requirements
  • Cartoonish graphics
  • Afternoon spaghetti free download

Afternoon Spaghetti Full Specifications

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