BeDrive 2.2.5 Free Download

BeDrive Download are many file sharing programs on the Internet, but it turns out that they are almost the same in many aspects in comparison, and only few of them have some highlights in terms of functionality. Thereinto, BeDrive is one kind of lukewarm solution. Although it comes with a beautiful and clean user interface and powerful functions, that is still not enough to surpass its peers such like Google Drive and Dropbox. In particular, its overlarge file size will make many individuals who are pursuing simplicity and practicality look and step back. Get bedrive free download with crack.

BeDrive Download is a full-featured cloud storage server script developed based on PHP and MySQL, which is very easy to install and use, without any coding or server management knowledge required. Users can use it to build a fully-functional, self-hosted file sharing and hosting website in a few minutes. As a commercial network drive program supporting for multiple users, BeDrive is not very suitable for personal use in deed. Instead, you can choose from much lightweight similar scripts like h5ai, Nextcloud, FileRun, and Veno File Manager.

In general, BeDrive Download has no unique functionality, even some of its functions are not as good as some small web disk programs. However, it still has several notable highlights, e.g.: commercial system (that is, advertising system, payment system, invoice setting); multi-user and multi-server supports; attached storage system that allows users to mount many cheap and stable well-known web disk services such as Amazon S3, DigitalOcean, Dropbox, so as to avoid renting those expensive servers.

BeDrive Features And Highlights

  • Editable Homepage
  • Easy Installation
  • SaaS mode
  • High Performance
  • Sharing
  • Upload Status
  • Shareable Links
  • Translations
  • Responsive
  • Dark Mode
  • File Previews
  • Amazon S3, DigitalOcean, Dropbox Storage
  • Documentation
  • Authentication
  • Permissions and Roles
  • Disable Registration
  • Grid and List views
  • Ads
  • Professional Design
  • Appearance Editor
  • Settings
  • Analytics
  • Multiple Homepages
  • Drag and Drop
  • Context Menu
  • Trash
  • Favorites
  • Search
  • File Details
  • Source Code
  • Custom Pages
  • Menu Editor
  • Get bedrive free download with crack.

BeDrive Full Specifications

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