BNHA/MHA Valentines Dating Sim 1.0 Free Download with Crack

BNHA/MHA Valentines Dating Sim is a free game where you try to seduce three characters. The visual novel follows the three main boys from the MHA anime and is entirely fan-made. There are only a few endings due to the small cast of the game. There are three datable characters from My Hero Academia in the entire title. This limitation turns the title into a Deku, Todoroki, and Bakugou dating sim game. The major downside to the minuscule cast of characters is the short length of the title.

These three love options fall into the typical otome archetypes. Deku is open and easy to get along with the character, while Todoroki is a recluse who hides his true feelings. On the other hand, Bakugo is the typical bad boy in the game. BNHA/MHA Valentines Dating Sim is an otome visual novel. Otome games are designed specifically for women, as they have many male characters that fit what many ladies like in a man.

As the characters for this title are all in high school, they’ll catch more attention from highschool girls. This designation fits as the characters themselves are all under 18. There are only six endings available for BNHA/MHA Valentines Dating Sim. These few options make the game extremely limited, as one of the pleasures of most visual novels is unavailable. However, the few endings make it easier to find the closing scene with your favourite character.

BNHA/MHA Valentines Dating Sim

BNHA/MHA Valentines Dating Sim Features and Highlights

  • Game stats
  • Game launcher
  • Full customization
  • Games discovery
  • Automatically get new updates
  • No data sharing
  • One click download
  • and much more…

BNHA/MHA Valentines Dating Sim Full Specifications

225 MB

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