Caprine Messenger 2.52.0 Free Download

This is one of the most used applications around, a communication tool from the comforts of your home, and others. Caprine Messenger Free Download is a nice application for desktop Windows to share information that can be seen by everyone. It’s a great way to share information about a project, private chat, or and specific document or anything without having to reference the page or include an identifier.

When a message is sent directly to someone, there is no notification except for straight to email. With Caprine Messenger you can updating the comments, sending an email, attaching the file to the chatter, tagging / mentioned the case requester for any updates and more like real Facebook Messenger application on Android devices. Please go with these awesome features. You can comment, chat with anyone like Facebook Messenger within the second.

Caprine Messenger

Caprine Messenger Features and Highlights

  • Caprine is an unofficial and privacy focused Facebook Messenger
  • Caprine is feature complete
  • Work Chat support
  • Code blocks
  • Touch Bar support
  • Custom styles
  • Disable autoplay for videos
  • Caprine Messenger Free Download
  • Cross-platform
  • Silent auto-updates
  • Custom text size
  • Emoji style setting

Caprine Messenger Full Specifications

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