ClickMonitorDDC 7.2 Free Download

Clickmonitorddc Download is a free personalization program developed by Mapini for desktop use. It gives you the power to quickly adjust the display settings of your PC monitor without doing extra hassle of going to the settings page and work your adjustments. As long as you ensure that your monitor is compatible with DDC (Display Data Channel), this handy tool will work decently. clickmonitorddc allows you to adjust your monitor’s brightness, contrast, and colors, as well as audio volume. It also supports customization of your display’s color profiles, rotation, inputs, and dim. Moreover, it also reinforces reset and power off/on of your monitor. Get clickmonitorddc free download.

Clickmonitorddc Download convenient application is capable of differentiating between monitor speaker volume and system volume, rotate the display, and so forth. The program offers a laid-back and unobtrusive system tray, so it won’t take any space from your desktop and won’t disrupt you from work. In case that the default colors of your system tray icons are not visible on your desktop, you can easily tamper with the default colors provided in your current monitor settings.The handiest feature that this lightweight app could offer is its ability to create multiple profiles. Each of them can contain their values and can be switch among each other with ease.

You can also assign certain hotkeys to every profile that you produce. This way, you can quickly apply it whenever you want to play a full-screen game or watch your favorite movie. Regardless of the activity that you do on your PC, you no longer need to stick to the same brightness, contrast, or volume levels when you use this app. Clickmonitorddc Download is a nifty tool for your desktop’s monitor display personalization. You have much easier control of your settings and customizations as the program allows you to adjust your monitor’s brightness, contrast, or colors as much as you like without necessarily going to greater lengths.


ClickMonitorDDC Features and Highlights

  • Adjusts monitor display settings
  • Highly customizable
  • Create multiple profiles
  • Able to assign hotkeys
  • Clickmonitorddc free download

ClickMonitorDDC Full Specifications

234 KB

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