EarTrumpet Free Download

Eartrumpet free download works in the same manner as the standard volume controller of Windows 10. Which means that if you want to adjust the volume bar, you just have to click on the icon. Eartrumpet gives you the ability to separately change the loudness of the apps which are using sound on your computer. Like you’re listening a song on youtube. But you also want to hear the notification of an important email from your client. No worries, In ear trumpet just slightly reduce the volume of your browser and keep the one for your email notifications at maximum.

Eartrumpet free download please note that ear trumpet does not replace the original sound controller of windows 10. As we mentioned above it works in the same manner. The ear trumpet Utility allows you to specify that if you want to keep track of the apps which are running on your computer. This feature became handier when you want to mute your music player abruptly with just one press of a button. It is a really simple and fast way to doing it. Especially when you are listening to a podcast or something important.

EarTrumpet Features and Highlights

  • Controls classic and modern app volumes
  • Controls default audio device with two clicks
  • Matches the look and feel of Windows
  • Supports moving apps between playback devices
  • Integrated with Feedback Hub
  • Eartrumpet free download.

EarTrumpet Full Specifications

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