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ExplorerFab Download multilingual emulation tool can create virtual drives on your computer and enable you to load a CD or DVD for instant access without using your physical disc drive. It supports the most popular formats, such as DVD, CCD (CloneCD), UDF, NRG (Nero), BIN, IMG, and ISO images. It can open or create MINI ISO files, a file format specific to DVDFab Blu-ray Copy. Get explorerfab free download.

It integrates into the Windows Explorer shell, enabling you to emulate a CD or a DVD using the context menu. Furthermore, you can use custom shortcut keys for some commands, such as mounting the first device, deactivating all the drives, or showing the settings dialog.

ExplorerFab Download offers a perfect solution to solve the issues that Windows File Explorer cannot do, including burning a disc, extracting ISO files, and emulating virtual drive. It is a multilingual emulation application that can create virtual drives on your computer, enabling you to load a CD or a DVD for instant access, without having to use your physical disc drive. It allows you to create ISO files and burn discs from files or folders for free and easily. It also enables you to add and remove files or folders when creating an ISO file.

ExplorerFab Features and Highlights

  • Create ISO Files or & Burn Discs from Files or Folders Free & Easily
  • Emulate Virtual Drives for DVD/Blu-ray/Ultra HD Blu-ray ISO Files
  • Create Image Files from Files and Folders
  • Burn Files, Folders, or ISO files to Blank Discs in Different Modes
  • Extract ISO files from discs for Compatible Use on Third-party Software
  • Fast, simple, and Easy to Use.
  • Get explorerfab free download.

ExplorerFab Full Specifications

100 MB

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