FlowPaper 3.3.1 Free Download

FlowPaper Free Download a successful web page is made by good content, but the way you present that content has a significant effect as well. If you want to make your website’s visitors come back for more, you might want to try to publish your content with flowpaper Desktop Publisher. This lightweight utility is capable of turning regular pdfs into highly responsive web apps and ebook publications. It does most of the work for you, but it also provides you with enough tools to take matters into your own hands. You can customize your publication in various ways, to make it look exactly how you imagine it. The software is free to try, but with some minor limitations.

Also, the FlowPaper Free Download doesn’t use too many resources, so you won’t put a strain on your system when publishing your content. All you have to do is drag and drop a PDF over the software’s clean and simple user interface, and pick one of the templates it places at your disposal. You can make your document look like a glossy magazine, children’s book, social media story or other publication types, with nothing more than one click. Additionally, you can choose between various page turning effects, to make your publication more convincing. Users only need to click left and right arrows sift through your magazine, and they will see the pages actually turning, thanks to the neat 3D effects.

FlowPaper Free Download can find a wide range of editing options, all around the document preview area, which allow you to make all sorts of changes, from slight color adjustments to accessibility and SEO optimizations. Everything can be done through simple sliders, checkboxes and drop-down menus, so even novice users could create a high-quality web magazine without too much effort. The software provides you with several publishing options. You can decide to export your work in HTML format and save it in a local folder, but you can also upload it to flowpaper’s cloud hosting service and preview it on your web browser. It only takes a few seconds to export the project, so you won’t be kept waiting.


FlowPaper Features and Highlight

  • Designed for use on phone and tablet devices.
  • Draw with physics
  • Playful waves of colour
  • Share images with friends
  • Load images from your gallery
  • Restore accidentally deleted flowpapers by pressing undo Upgradable Features
  • Hand picked color pallets and a color mixer to make your own.

FlowPaper Full Specifications

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