Forensic Video Report 5.14.2380.1219 Free Download with Crack

Forensic Video Report Crack is a flexible and efficient video report tool that can instantly create a usable video preview within no time. The application comes with innovative technology for automated video reporting and forensic video post processing. It provides the users with the ability to create a PDF report file with a video overview or to generate a short three-image preview for use in any standard software that can then be processed and printed. Get forensic video report free download with crack.

Forensic Video Report Crack Download is an excellent piece of software that can create PDF compatible reports with different report settings and customization. The video engine of the Forensic Video Report has been completely re-developed that offers standard video codecs including MPEG, AVC, VC1, MPEG4, FLV, MATROSKA and many more. It is a time-saving application as it is no longer needed to use human resources in order to view videos in real time. Moreover, by using the Forensic Video Report plugins, it is possible to work up video material quality with appropriate algorithms to obtain subsequently latent video information which is not visible in still image. This already known technique adopted from the famous forensic TV series are, at least to some extent applicable in the real life of a forensic expert and can improve video representations of apparently poor base.

Forensic Video Report Features and Highlights

  • Including the main video codecs used (MPEG, AVC, VC1, MPEG 4, FLV, MATROSKA…)
  • Extraction of meta informationen of several tags (codec, stream, tiemstamp, Exif data, maker nodes, vendor nodes, GPS)
  • Including Videoplayer with frame accurate positioning
  • Manual frame segmentation feature
  • Percent based frame segmentation
  • Time based frame segmentation
  • Editable frame and scene overview
  • PDF reporting with differnet report settings (supporting russian unicode)
  • Case managment with saving and reloading
  • Detection of Truecrypt Video Container
  • X-Ways integration with 32/64 Bit X-Tension
  • Master FLT Plugin for filtering of videos (brightness, rotation, deinterlacing, cropping features)
  • Videostabilizer Plugin for stabilising shaky videos
  • Superresolution Plugin extrapolation of video resolution (recognition of license plates)
  • DeWarp Plugin dewarping of still images in videos (i.e. license plates)
  • FrameAveraging Plugin for averaging multiple frames into one single frame including enhacements (signs etc..)
  • MotionDeblur Plugin removing of motion blur in video and image files
  • MotionDetection Plugin motion detection of selectable regions (processing long term video files)
  • Desktop Record Plugin recording of proprietary videoplayer from surveillance systems
  • Youtube Video Download Plugin for downloading Youtube online videos
  • Get forensic video report free download with crack.

How to Crack or Free Activate Forensic Video Report

#1: Download and Extract Forensic Video Report.

#2: Install the Setup file.

#3: Copy the Crack Folder Content to Overwrite install directory.

#4: That’s it, Done…!

Forensic Video Report Full Specifications

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