GifCam 6.5 Free Download with Crack

GifCam Crack is a lightweight screen capture tool that can transform the captured desktop or application area video into an AVI file, series of images, and most importantly, as an optimized and compressed GIF file that is ready for sharing on the web. Built from the ground up to provide multiple uses, the Gif Camera app has grown into one of the most versatile GIF-creation applications on the market. Immediately after installing GifCam download on desktop or laptop PC, users will notice its unique design. The small and intuitively designed 100% transparent window area of the app serves the purpose of defining the “capture area” from which the app will transform into a video file or a GIF. Get gifcam free download with crack.

GifCam Crack To define what area of the desktop surface or app surface is to be recorded, users simply have to resize the app and set the size of the transparent central area to the exact position. The right side of the app features four main tools, a few of which have the ability to showcase the dropdown menu that can unlock more advanced services. Those tools are “Rec” (for recording the video, with sub-options for picking desired framerate, full-screen capture toggle, and presence of the cursor), “Frame” (examination of the captured video frame by frame), “Edit” (for editing recorded videos by cutting and trimming unneeded frames), and “Save” (with sub-options for GIF compression method, Preview window and save the video as AVI video file). The entire experience of using GifCam Download is streamlined and pleasant, enabling even first time PC users to very easily learn how to capture their own GIFs and save them to local storage.

GifCam Crack app does not feature the ability to directly upload files to popular online GIF sharing websites. The latest version of the app has even added more advanced features such as custom color reduction tool, Greenscreen paint fill, mouse wheel support for easier editing, ability to delay or resize individual frames, profile management, cropping, hue and saturation editing, full FPS and memory customization, support for high DPI displays, automatic detection of transparent/greenscreen colors, scalable user interface, and much more. The simplicity, reliability, and versatility of GifCamera are its best recommendations. It does its job exceptionally well, all while providing just enough tools that anyone can create a perfect GIF. GifCam downlaod is 100% FREE and is optimized for all modern versions of Windows OS.

GifCam Features and Highlights

  • Capture screen areas or full screen and save as animated image.
  • Support with many animation methods.
  • Automatically detect coincided frames 
  • Add a text to a frame
  • Edit a frame
  • Capture the motion of mouse
  • Gifcam free download with crack

GifCam Full Specifications

720 KB

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