Handbrake 1.3.3 Free Download

Handbrake Free Download is a video converter program intended to both rip and convert video files to work on a number of supported devices. The features of this converter are easy enough to understand. An advanced computer user will most likely be able to use handbrake for its full purpose, but a user who knows the basics should be able to figure out how to work through the main steps. Get handbrake free download.

Handbrake Free Download simply have to have a file or DVD to work with, and handbrake will help with some of the less obvious steps by indicating the missing information that needs to be inserted. It took a couple tries to correctly convert a 15-minute video file the first time. It seemed to shut down without finishing, but eventually it worked. That took about 40 minutes to finish converting and encoding. Time results will obviously vary depending on the file size. DVD ripping seems to work fine and the time varies here as well, depending on the DVD length.

Handbrake Free Download help button will take you to the Publisher’s Web site, where some of the information is easy to understand but the more-detailed parts are intended for a more advanced user. It is certainly not the easiest, most efficient converter program we have seen out there. It didn’t take long to download, and the installation process was very simple. There weren’t any extra downloads or offers hidden within the installation process, and you’ll find that setting this is easy. Handbrake free download.


Handbrake Features and Highlights

  • Has built-in device presets (choose an optimised profile for your device).
  • Support for most common multimedia files (mp4, mkv, avi, ogm).
  • It can copy unprotected dvd and bluray disks.
  • Queue multiple encodes.
  • Video encoding for h.264(x264), mpeg-4, mpeg-2 (libav) and theora(libtheora).
  • Handbrake Free Download Audio encoding for mp3, flac, ac3, vorbis, ac, coreaudio aac/he-aac (os x only).
  • Audio pass-thru: mp3 tracks, ac-3, dts, dts-hd, aac.
  • Various video filters: deinterlace, decomb, deblock, detelecine, grayscale, cropping, scaling.
  • Subtitle support (srt, ssa, vobsub, closed captions cea-608).
  • Chapter markers and title chapter selection.
  • Live video preview.

Handbrake Full Specifications

12.91 MB

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