HTML Compiler 2021.25 Free Download with Crack

HTML Compiler Free Download is a popular HTML-to-EXE converter with compact file size and powerful features, developed by David Esperalta from Spain. It allows you to package a complete HTML application (along with all included files like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, image, etc.) into an independent and executable Windows application. This executable HTML app can be e-Book, presentation, even a game, and more. Get html compiler free download with crack.

With rich options provided in HTML Compiler Crack, you can completely customize the details of the generated EXE file. This includes: customize the icon of EXE file, set the access permission of packaged content, add an access password, allow or refuse to print the web page, allow or deny the selection and copy operation of text, specify particular types of files to be extracted or automated, and so on. Finally, you can make any traditional HTML apps originally can only run through a web browser now direct run on Windows just like any common EXE programs with a perfect web page display effect.

All in all, HTML Compiler Crack converting HTML web apps to local EXE files can bring many benefits. For example, that can fully protect your web pages from being deliberately modified or stolen by some others; ensures the display effect of web pages is in the maximum compatibility; use this method to make web-based electronic books; and there are many other use cases waiting for you to discover!

HTML Compiler Features And Highlights

  • HTML Compiler produce standalone executables
  • Command Line version for batch compilations
  • Your app files are never extracted to the PC
  • Unicode support for both file names and contents
  • Your HTML code can to interact with your application
  • HTML Compiler is multiple languages and support themes
  • Your executables also support dozens of themes too
  • Password protected applications if you wanted
  • External JavaScript to interact with your publication
  • Your publications are completely royalty free

Allows compress, protect and sign applications

HTML Compiler Full Specifications

382 MB

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