Kotobee Author 1.6.9 Free Download with Crack

Kotobee Author Free Download Designed to help you make the most of the many advantages that EPUB books offer over other e-book formats, Kotobee Reader is an attractive and functional EPUB reading tool that comes with a series of utilities that will surely enhance your reading experience. Its high-quality clear print, notebook manager, text search capabilities, embedded Google search, and its Shared Library make it stand out from many of its competitors. The interface itself is clean and attractive. It offers various navigation modes and page animations to fit the preferences of all types of users. Thus, you can choose between horizontal and vertical page orientation and among a page flip, card flip, slide, or fade-based transition between pages, choose your favorite font size, and even let the program to adjust the line height for you automatically. All the controls you need to move around the book are within reach in the app’s main interface. Get kotobee author free download with crack.

Kotobee Author Free Download can change the size of your book as easily as you would with any other window, and Kotobee with redistribute the text automatically making use of one of EPUB’s main assets – text reflowability. You can navigate the book in various ways. As expected, you count with a “next page” and a “previous page” set of buttons, which will allow you to move from page to page with just one click. If correctly authored, the EPUB file will come with a table of contents, which Kotobee Author Free Download can display discreetly for you on the left-hand side of the interface to help you move from chapter to chapter quickly. Alternatively, you can create your own bookmarks, highlights, annotations, and notes, and use them to move around the book conveniently by using the program’s notebook manager. All the entries belonging to a book are neatly displayed organized by type, and they can be easily exported to a PDF file just by clicking on the “Export” button.

Kotobee Author Free Download can also search for a specific keyword or sentence using the search engine provided, and even perform external searches using the program’s built-in Google lookup functionality. Last but not least, the Shared Library. Here you will find a number of complimentary EPUB files in a wide variety of languages for you to read and enjoy. Kotobee Reader is just the tip of the iceberg. This free reader is but one of the members of the Kotobee EPUB-based family of products, which includes Kotobee Author, Kotobee Publisher, and Kotobee Cloud. Kotobee Reader can be bundled with your own EPUB files to form a convenient package for easier distribution (requires Kotobee Author), and its support for customization and branding makes it the perfect tool to promote your products and catalogs via a compact EPUB file.

Kotobee Author Features and Highlights

  • Create, open, or save a new ebook.
  • You can also import an existing ePUB, PDF, or HTML file and make changes to it.
  • To get into the flow of writing an ebook, you can name the title, cover, or chapters.
  • Set the name of a chapter or subchapter with easy-to-use features at the left of the screen.
  • Adjust the settings, copy, or delete each chapter while you work on an ebook.
  • Use the Book Manager for book information, table of contents, visual aid, and more.
  • Navigate to the information buttons to recover jump to a lost section quickly.
  • The main window of Kotobee Author 1.6.3 Free Download Latest Version lets you edit, customize, export, and arrange items in your project.
  • It is possible to select your preferred layout to customize it as per your needs.
  • Kotobee author free download with crack.
  • You can magnify each page as an image with ease.
  • Use the toolbox at the right of the screen to add a variety of multimedia content to your ebook.
  • Preview the ebook while you work on it at any moment with a single click.
  • Customize the look and feel of your project whenever you want.
  • View the ebook in the full screen or custom size.
  • It is possible to preview each chapter on the web or mobile mode.
  • Export your project in a few straightforward steps.
  • Kotobee Author 1.6.3 Free Download Latest Version supports a wide range of export formats.
  • Manage your ebook even after you publish it.
  • For more information, you can use the Help menu from the interface of the app.
  • You can get the software that is available as a free download for Windows.

Kotobee Author Full Specifications

164 MB

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