Logiccode GSM SMS .Net Library Crack Free Download

Logiccode GSM SMS .Net Library is an impressive application designed and developed to read, send, delete SMS or messages or send WAP Push in the English language. The language depends on the Unicode language based by GM mobile phone connection. The SMS and Messages send speed is very high with no issues or errors. Every single band can send a specific amount of messages such as 2G networks can send 10 to 12 SMS per minute and goes with other bands. Get logiccode gsm sms net library crack free download.

Logiccode GSM SMS .Net Library is equipped with .Net library which is small in size but can be useful for .Net language. The .Net library can be used in C#, Visual Basic or in any other language. Moreover, the application has the ability to submit USSD codes, read, delete SMS, messages and more. Some abilities like reading and deleting SMS can be done from Modem inbox or GSM phone. Read contact lists or read device settings including battery charge percentage, signal strength, and much more. Automatic detection of COM ports to the inherently connected modem. 

Logiccode GSM SMS .Net Library Features key

  • Supports any ETSI GSM 07.05/07.07 compatible GSM modems such as Wavecom, Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Siemens, Motorola etc and mobile phones having a modem and that supports AT commands such as Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, Samsung etc.
  • Very High Speed in sending of messages (10-12 SMS per minute depending upon various factors like network GSM modem speed, network congestion, network speed etc).
  • Supports several communication modes such as Serial Port, Bluetooth and Infrared.
  • Allows sending of WAP Push (Service Indication) message through GSM Modem/Phone by specifying URL and text message as per ‘WAP-167-ServiceInd-20010731-a’ specification.
  • Allows reading and deleting of messages from Inbox of GSM modem/phone.
  • Reading and setting of GSM modem/phone parameters such as Battery Level, Signal strength etc.
  • Send USSD to get prepaid balance, validity of sim etc.
  • Supports regular text messages i.e. 160 character length messages with 7-bit character (default GSM alphabet) encoding.
  • Supports text messages with 8-bit ANSI encoding (140 character messages)
  • Supports Unicode (16-bit UCS2) text messages (70 character messages) in international languages like Hindi, Chinese, German, French etc.
  • Supports concatenated text messages.
  • Supports sending flash (alert) messages that are immediately displayed on destination phone screen.
  • Delivery reports of SMS sent (not supported in some GSM phones/modems).
  • Supports sending of SMS in local (national) as well as international numbering format.
  • Can specify validity period of the text message.
  • Allows setting of time interval between two consecutive short messages to avoid SMS delivery failure during network congestion.
  • Allows setting of number of retries in case SMS delivery failure occurs when sending text message in first attempt.
  • Allows specifying action type, Wap Push message creation time and Wap push expiry time i.e. time when the WAP Push link will expire.
  • Suitable for mobile messaging applications like sending product updates to customers, exam and admission results to students, sending commercial ringtones URL, sending pictures URL, stock and weather updates etc.

Logiccode GSM SMS .Net Library Technical Details and Requirements

  • File Name: Logiccode GSM SMS .Net Library
  • File Size: 1.6 MB
  • Laest Version: v3.3.0
  • License: Shareware
  • Setup Format: Exe
  • Setup Type: Offline Installer/Standalone Setup.
  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Minimum RAM: 512 MB
  • Space: 5 MB
  • Developers: Logiccodesoft

How to Crack, or Register Logiccode GSM SMS .Net Library

#1: Download and Install Logiccode GSM SMS .Net Library

#2: Open “Crack” folder and Run “Keygen”, Select the target product from the list and click “Generate”.

#4: Use the generated license key and any name to register the program.

#5: That’s it. Enjoy.

Logiccode GSM SMS .Net Library Full Free Download


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