MadCap Flare 15.1.7283.32587 Free Download

With Madcap Flare Free Download, content can be imported from other popular formats like Microsoft Word, into the software and integrated flawlessly. Flare software can break down complex documents and organize them by topics into user-friendly finished documents. Content can even be reused multiple times in different documents for maximum effectiveness. With professional translation services, the same content can be translated into different languages easily for localized content. Businesses that use ebooks and whitepapers as marketing tools will find madcap Flare an easy-to-use system. Besides ebooks, Flare can easily create printed documents, and online materials can be viewed on tablets and mobile devices as well. Templates and design-ready features allow content creators to focus on content without the burden of constantly reformatting. Get madcap flare free download.

With Madcap Flare Free Download capabilities, the time it takes to produce published content can be drastically reduced, saving businesses time and money. Rather than having to outsource publishing or hire more help to produce it, companies can produce the publications they need without dedicating weeks or months to a project. When content needs to be updated or translated, it can be done once and replicated automatically across all devices. Madcap Flare is scalable, meaning that many users within a company can work together to create publishable content. That content can then be widely distributed to many users as easily as one. Madcap Flare uses HTML 5 and CSS style sheets to make quality documents that will have the professional look you need.

Madcap Flare Free Download has been used by some of the largest companies in the world, including Dell, Intel, Coca-Cola, and GE. Some of the new features in the madcap Flare 2018 update include extended search functionality for HTML5 Outputs and Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch is a search enhancement tool that improves the way your users search and find the information they need. This new search option can now be added to HTML5 Top Navigation, Side Navigation, and Skinless websites. This open-source feature helps improve search navigation by providing your audience with predictive results, auto-completion of search terms, and more.

MadCap Flare Features and Highlights

  • Native Right-to-Left Language Support
  • Socially-enabled Output and Collaboration
  • Advanced Topic Editor
  • Advanced Print Improvements
  • Including CMYK Support
  • New File Support
  • Including Microsoft Office 365
  • Enhanced FrameMaker Import
  • Bundled MadCap Capture Integration

MadCap Flare Full Specifications

450 MB

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