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Prepostseo is a leading SEO as well as educational tools website. Given the current rise of blogging, search engine optimization comes as a clarion call to rank your website or blog.

Providing educational tools, students trust this platform for various reasons. Therefore, its immense popularity is justified through its top-notch tools.

Webmaster’s favorite prepostSEO provides a long list of tools on a single platform and enables you to rank your website or help yourself with your assignment or research writing.

Among other merits and demerits, this article is an attempt to discuss the best prepostSEO plagiarism checking tool and its app for android users.

Let’s start without further ado!

Several advantages of using this platform:

  • They provide the best offers and have free as well as premium plans. A platform like this does not usually provide such generous packages except PrepostSEO.

So, you can either use its free tool like plagiarism checker, paraphrasing tools with specified word limit or you can move towards seamless query checking.

  • PrepostSEO believes in distributing education and awareness of what you have. That’s it provides a helping hand to other webmasters who want to develop such tools.

That’s why they can easily get Plagiarism APIs and WordPress plugins from this website and use them on their website.

Cons of PrepostSEO:

Despite being so diverse tool, it lacks in several aspects. Actually, no tool under the sun is perfect and free from any discrepancy.

Their customer service response isn’t up the mark given their big name in the market. That’s why they sometimes replay your emails late.

PrepostSEO plagiarism checker:

Prepostseo plagiarism checker is one of the most prominent tools that find your content’s similarity in every nook and cranny of the internet.

Whether you are want to check your blog’s content plagiarism or assignments, you need not worry about finding the best tools, instead, you can easily use this tool to scan your content’s duplication.

PrepostSEO plagiarism checker App:


Apart from the online tool, you can get an android app that does the same work, yet gives you a more handy and user-friendly experience.

This app scans your content for plagiarism and fetches duplicate content that matches your content across the internet.

How to use the prepostSEO plagiarism checker app?

Like any great app, this android app also takes no particular skill or knowledge to operate. Whilst, other apps mostly require a complex mechanism that makes them undesirable.

No matter how great an app works, it can’t gather users in the long run if it is not easy to handle.

This plagiarism checking app is easy to use and takes simple steps to give you the result. You can use it anywhere and at any time.

Follow these steps:

  1. Insert text into the input box or scan the image to extract text into the input box.
  2. Select the multiple files e.g. .txt, .doc, .pdf.
  3. Press the check plagiarism button.
  4. Get the result in a few seconds.
  5. Download the report in pdf format.

Features of this prepostSEO plagiarism checker app:

It is free as well as paid:

Being a student or a blogger, you may have different needs. You might have to write a bulk quantity of text so that’s why you have to check large word count text frequently.

Therefore, you can get the premium packages of this tool which caters to you to the need for large queries. This tool gives you almost 500,000 queries in a month.

In contrast, you may not require to check your content on daily basis, rather you need to check your content occasionally.

Not being so much associated with writing work, once in a blue moon you require a plagiarism checker app. In such a case, this app comes handy and is the best option available among a plethora of similar tools.

Its free usage feature takes up no money from you and on top of that, it provides 200 free checking queries per month.

Thus it appears one of the economical tools on the internet, ready for your use in free as well as premium mode.

Text scanner:

This app gets the award of being the most versatile android plagiarism checker app of its kind.

Since the users always desire some additional features and become a fervent user of the application that provides more advanced features, this app has an embedded OCR text scanner.

With the help of OCR, now you can extract text from the image you want to scan for plagiarism. Just upload the image and the app extracts text easily for you.

You won’t see this feature in many android apps, that’s why you can say that prepostSEO is the pioneer one to bring different features in a single tool.

Compatible with multiple languages and file formats:

The performance of any tool can be gauged through the audience it gathers. This plagiarism checker app is quite user-friendly in this matter.

 As it is a multi-lingual tool that can scan different file formats without any hassle.

Report save option:

Instead of saving your content’s report inside the local storage, you can get the option to let the scanned report save inside the app.

This app provides cloud storage space for your tool and keeps your text report for a long time inside the app.

Thus, your plagiarized, paraphrased, and unique content percentage report remains safe from deletion or loss.

Why an android app is better than a web tool?

You cannot say that this particular android app is better than its web tool. Yet, in generic terms, every android app has some merits against the online tool.

Most of the time a plagiarism checker app helps you to scan your content anywhere even if you are stuck in a traffic jam or any emergency situation.

Moreover, apps are quite handy as you can hold your mobile phone and do your tasks conveniently.

Final words:

PrepostSEO plagiarism checker android app is not a common android application because it gives you the most accurate results even in the free mode.

Having said that, you can access its extra features like the OCR text scanning feature to get rid of copying or typing text into the input box.

Overall, this app is convenient to use for your content’s plagiarism scanning.

Plagiarism Checker Full Specifications

  • Name: Plagiarism Checker
  • File size: 20 MB
  • Setup Format: Apk
  • Setup Type: Online Installer
  • Supported OS: Windows
  • Published:
  • User rating: ★★★★★ (5 out of 5)
  • Category: Android

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