SpaceMonger 3.0 Crack Product key Free

Spacemonger Crack is a major new version with the fastest scan times available. Spacemonger creates a visual Treemap graphic making it simple to see the folders and files that are consuming the most storage space and simplifies the task of finding files to remove to freeing up space. Spacemonger new cloud storage management capabilities are available for Microsoft onedrive, Google Drive and Dropbox. Free download spacemoneger crack product key.

Spacemonger Crack Users can now generate a visual Treemap highlighting the relative space consumed by folders and files on their local and network drives as well as cloud services. Combined with spacemonger’s custom search and filtering capabilities users can quickly isolate the files that will have the greatest potential for freeing up storage space and take immediate action.

Treemaps are a graphic presentation of complex directory hierarchies showing folders and files as a series of nested rectangles. Spacemonger Product key relative amount of space consumed by a folder or file is reflected by the size of the rectangle. This enables users to immediately focus in on objects that are large enough to free up the space they are looking to recover.

Spacemonger Features and Highlights

  • Internals rewritten to support multiple foreign languages. Currently foreign language support exists for British English, American English, and French (possibly with grammar errors).
  • Supports popup info-tips that can display the full filename, the icon, the date, size, and attributes of any file or folder.
  • Supports popup name-tips that prevent names from being obscured by not having enough space to display them.
  • Open dialog box now uses large icons.
  • Includes rollover boxes that highlight the current folder.
  • Files display their sizes and dates if there is enough room.
  • Option to save the current window position.
  • Fixed zero-size bug that caused divide-by-zero errors with some audio CD disks.
  • Free download spacemoneger crack product key.
  • Minor changes to color palette to handle rollover boxes.
  • Numerous other bug fixes.
  • Added support for the Windows Property dialog box.

Spacemoneger Full Specifications

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