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Tinn-R free download time of the old fashion mode of writing programs with the use of the good old notepad or VI editors has fazed out. Today, there are advanced tools that allow the coders to write code faster and increase their productivity. Tinn-R is designed to allow programmers to create and edit codes. It supports syntax highlighting for a wide range of programming languages including the S statistical programming language HTML, XML, Java, javascript, Perl, PHP, C/C++, C#, Python, Ruby, SQL, and many more.

Besides it supports for syntax highlighting, the program also provides additional valuable resources such as conversion tools, utilities for creating backups and restoring database, a spellchecker, sort strings, numbers and dates, words count, and many other useful features.

Advanced users can use this program for the recording and playback of macros, Tinn-R free download allows the use of ASCII character chart, compare to different files and highlight the differences. The program can be used to export data as RTF or TXT document. This little program has excellent features for editing codes quickly and effectively. It is a useful utility for programmers. 

Tinn-R Features and Highlights

  • The ability to communicate with R (Rgui and Rterm) environment (send instructions, control and receive interpretations) Note that, starting from version 1.18.x.x, Tinn-R is not compatible anymore with Rgui in MDI mode (only SDI), nor with S-PLUS!
  • Syntax highlight. Highlighting can be set by file type
  • Create and manage projects
  • Bookmarks: lines and blocks
  • Support to Latex
  • Work with files of unlimited length
  • Work on several documents at the same time. Multiple document interface (MDI) and/or tabbed document interface (TDI)
  • Single document window splitting and window splitting
  • Support to macro (volatile)
  • View file differences with color highlighting

Tinn-R Full Specifications

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