VRtuos Companion App 2.0.3 Free Download

VRtuosCompanion App is a Windows tool for connecting pianos and Oculus Quest devices. It complements vrtous by Pavel Marceluch, created for virtual reality piano learning. The original program and companion app are still in development, with features continually added for improved user experience. You’ll need a physical piano and the vrtous program to take advantage of this app. The latter is a play of words on virtuous, which you’ll become by using it. It’s a piano learning app with a much different approach than Flowkey or Vivace. Get vrtuos companion app free download.

The program lets you calibrate your real piano into the system and import the songs you want to learn. The VR headset displays the notes falling directly onto your keys, making it easy to practice and learn new pieces. It also lets you customise the learning environment. You can incorporate custom backgrounds and input music folders for easy access. The companion app is a necessary element if you’re using vrtous with a midi piano and Quest headset.

It connects the two, letting you enjoy everything this virtual reality program has to offer. It’s a simple pane on your Windows PC. There’s still no mobile app, unfortunately. After you select input and output devices, visit vrtous and check the upper left panel. You’ll find the required IP address there. You can finalise the process by putting it in and clicking ‘Connect.’ You’ll achieve connection in a second, making the program responsive and ready to teach you songs on your midi piano.

VRtuos Companion App

VRtuos Companion App Features and Highlights

  • New UI and calibration
  • New piano model
  • Midi piano support
  • Localization support
  • Folders and custom backgrounds
  • Customizable environment
  • and much more…

VRtuos Companion App Full Specifications

324 KB

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