Windirstat 1.1.2 Free Download

With windirstat Download you will be aware of how you use your hard disk. This program is capable of generating a colorful and complete schematic representation of all the files present in a certain storage unit. The diagram is very useful when you want to free disk space because you can directly know which folders occupy more and which files have a bigger size. Get windirstate free download.

In addition, it’s possible to know the location of all the files of a same type and figure out the proportion they take up related to the rest of the files. This action can also be done by directories. The graphic representation is completely interactive. windirstat Download Each square represents a file on disk and each type of file has its own color of identification.

Only the formats with the biggest presence on the disk have brighter colors.If you click on a certain square you will see in the tree list: the file it belongs to, the proportion of occupied space in the folder where it’s located and its real size.

Windirstate Features and Highlights

  • It offers users a listing of detected file extensions. This comes with the overall percentage of space that every file extension originally takes.
  • Every extension is distinct, since it is represented by its own color on the provided graphical map.
  • The utility can effectively scan any external, internal and network drivers.
  • The utility comes in a portable version.
  • The utility lets the users send reports via the email facility.
  • windirstat Download Moreover, here are some amazing facts about windirstat: From the official source, the utility has already been downloaded more than 9 million times since its release in October 2003.
  • Till July 2014, the utility has been reported among the top-five downloaded “Filesystems” software present on sourceforge. As such, it averages more than 13,000 downloads/week. Windirstate free download.
  • Windirstat is currently “up-to-date”. This is evident from the fact that its usability is designed to work perfectly at all platforms.

Windirstat Full Specifications

730 KB

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