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Every peopole is searching  How to activate Windows 10 Without Product key, So i teach youhow you activate Windows 10 Pro, Home, Professional, Enterprise and Education any other Windows 10 edition without Product key. There are numerous ways by which you’ll activate windows 10, Here i show you 5 Windows Activator to activate your windows 10.Get free 5 way activate windows 10 without product key.

Windows 10 will ask you to enter a Product Key without which you can’t proceed. once you enter the right Windows 10 Activation Keys, then your windows gets activated immediately. Windows 10 activator allow you to successfully activate Windows.

Windows 10 product key’s necessary for several steps. for instance , once you clean install Windows 10, you’ve got to insert or put the first Windows 10 product key for your OS .On the opposite hand, many Windows 10 users don’t insert original keys, and that they just use during a flow. Moreover,your system is a trial version and will expire after 90 days.

Here is the most popular and trusted 5 Windows activator these activator Help you to activate your Windows 10. You choose only one activator to activate your windows 10 without product key So Let’s go:-

  1. KMSpico
  2. KMSAuto Net
  3. Micosoft Toolkit
  4. KMSAuto Lite
  5. Winodws Loader

Method 1: KMSpico Activator to Activate Windows 10 without product key

KMSpico is universal automatic activator for Windows and Office. which supports for all editions of Microsoft Office & Windows. For more Download & information.. KMSpico

#1: Download and Exract KMSpico Activator

#2: Install “KMSpico_setup” file

#3: Open Start Menu and Search KMS, You will find two programs first is the KMSPico.exe and the seconds one is AutoKMS. Both are the same programs but the difference is that KMSPico.exe required manual activation. While AutoKMS works automatically in the background without opening it.

#4: Suppose you installed Windows 10 or 8 or 7, KMSpico auto detect your OS to actvated. or if You Activate Office first run the Word or Excel, beause auto detect for KMSpico.  

#5: I preferred you to use the AutoKMS if you are trying to activate the Windows 10 or any other version. After you open the AutoKMS you will listen to a voice notification saying “Affirmative” & other “Program Complete”.

#6: That’s Done..! Windows is Activated.

Method 2: KMSAuto Net Activator to Activate Windows 10 without product key

KMSauto net is a protable software used to activate Microsoft products such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Office 2010/2013/2016/2019/2020. For more Download & information.. KMSAuto Net

#1: Downlaod and Extract ‘KMSauto Net Activator’

#2: Launch the “KMSAuto Net.exe”

#3: Now you will see the KMS Activator Screen with two options Activation & Information. When you click on Information you will see two options Windows Info and Office Info.

#4: Click on the Activation button and then you again see two options Activate Windows and Activate Office.

#5: if you activate Windows Select Windows, if you activate Office Select Office. After Clicking it will start activating it

#6: When the activation is completed , you’ll see Success notification at the log of activator.

#7: That’s it Done.!

Method 3: Micosoft Toolkit Activator to Activate Windows 10 without product key

Microsoft Toolkit is a activator used to activate Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows. Until this time it has a number of the version with enhanced proficiency and features for activation of Latest office and Windows. For more Download & information.. Micosoft Toolkit

#1: Download and Extract “Microsoft Toolkit”

#2: Run “Microsoft Toolkit”, Suppose if you activate Windows Click on Windows Logo or if you activate MS Office  Click on MS Office Logo.

#3: A new window will pop-up with many options included.

#4: From there click on the EZ Activator. This process will take a few seconds to complete.

#5: After that, you can see a message window saying Windows is activated.

Method 4: KMSAuto Lite Activator to Activate Windows 10 without product key

KMSAuto Lite is a very powerful Microsoft Windows and Office one-click offline activation tool (KMS-activator), which is compatible with both Windows 32 bit and 64 bit. For more Download & information.. KMSAuto Lite

#1: Downlaod and Extract ‘KMSauto Lite Activator’

#2: Open the “KMSAuto Lite.exe”

#3: Now you will see the KMS Activator Screen with two options MS Product Activation & Information. When you click on Information you will see two options Windows Info and Office Info.

#5: if you activate Windows Select Activate Windows, if you activate Office Select Activate Office. After Clicking it will start activating it

#6: When the activation is completed , you’ll see Success notification at the log of activator.

#7: That’s it Done.!

Method 4: Winodws Loader Activator to Activate Windows 10 without product key

Windows Loader or windows 7 activator is the same tool that is used to activate Windows 7 all versions such as Starter, Home, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate, and were widely available at retailers. It is the best tool to activate your windows fast and easily. For more Download & information.. Windows Loader

#1: Download and Extract Windows Loader

#2: Run the Loader, it will ask you permission, just click on Yes.

#3: You will see the installation Windows information in Loader. Follow all the steps which you see in that screen and install it as you usually used to do.

#4: Now in the installation section, you see two button Install and other Uninstall. If you already used any third-party keys then simply click on uninstall and then close the windows.

#5: Again open the Loader and now this time click on the Install button. Wait for a few seconds and you will see a success message.

#6: That’s it. Done..!

Windows 10 Activate Frequently Asked Questions


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